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Historisches Seminar

Cristian Consuegra

Cristian Consuegra, M.A.

  • Hilfsassistent «Atlantic Italies» | «Foodways in West Africa»


Master thesis (2021): «Landwirtschaft und Ernährung in Senegambien (15.-17. Jahrhundert)» [Foodways in Senegambia (15th-17th Centuries)] – University of Bern

Bachelor thesis (2018): «Kleinkriminalität in der Frühen Neuzeit: Kartenspiele als Indikatoren von "petty crimes" im Ancien Régime» [Small-Scale Criminality in the Early Modern Era: Card Games as Indicators of ‘Petty Crimes’ During the Old Regime] – University of Bern


Since 2019



Research fellow in the SNSF project Foodways in West Africa. An Integrated Approach on Pots, Animals and Plants (Sinergia)



Member of the SNSF project Atlantic Italies: Economic and Cultural Entanglements (15th-19th Centuries)(2018-2021: student-assistant; 2021: research assistant)

Since 2017

Guide at the Museum Altes Zeughaus, Solothurn

2016 - 2017

Intern at the State Archive of Lucerne

2014 - 2018


Board member of the Student Council of the History Department, Bern

Since 2013

History student at the University of Bern

Until 2013

Public schools in Switzerland and Spain