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Historisches Seminar

Past conferences & workshops

Conferences & workshops

"Maritime Switzerland - La Suisse maritime. Trade, industry and capital (18th-19th centuries)", Universität Zürich, 7-8 December 2023, (with Laurent Burrus).

"Decolonizing the Museum. A Conversation on Colonial Heritage in European Collections", Universität Basel, 4 May 2023, (with Lucas Burkart, Julia Tischler and Anna Schmid).

"Intrecci globali e retaggi coloniali: strategie di public history tra università, musei e movimenti", Istituto Svizzero, Roma, 20-21 October 2022 (with Carlo Taviani).

"Atlantic Italies: Economic Entanglements between the Americas, Africa and the Mediterranean (15th-19th Centuries)", UZH (1-3 September 2022), with Silvia Marzagalli.

"Prospettive africane sulla tratta atlantica", doctoral seminar, Scuola Superiore Meridionale, Napoli, (13-15 January 2021).

"Disputed Memories of Slavery", UZH (10 October 2020), with Maryam Joseph.

"Videoabstracts & Storytelling für HistorikerInnen. Ein Workshop in digitaler Wissenschaftskommunikation", UZH (10-13 February 2020), with Yigit Topkaya.

"Doing Consumer History. Empirical sources and methodological challenges", Universität Bern (3-4 May 2019), with Riccardo E. Rossi.

"Connecting Mediterranean and Atlantic History. 2nd meeting of the Atlantic Italies Network", Centre de la Méditerranée Moderne et Contemporaine (Nice, 8-9 November 2018), with Silvia Marzagalli.

"Unternehmen, Institutionen, Territorien", Universität Zürich (10 October 2018), with Pierre Eichenberger and Matthieu Leimgruber.

"Santé militaire, santé coloniale. Guerres, maladies et empires au long XIXe siècle", Service Historique de la Défense (Château de Vincennes, 6 February 2015).

"Frauds. Norms, institutions, and illegal economic practices in Mediterranean Europe (16th-19th centuries)", University of Basel (28-29 September 2012), with Biagio Salvemini. 

"Transfers. Empirische und theoretische Perspektiven" (University of Basel, 7-8 October 2010), with Martin Lengwiler.  

Summer schools

“Europe and the World”, European University Institute, Florence, 2015.

“The European city in transformation”, Universität Wien, 2014.

“From the margins. Revisiting European History, ca. 1400 to present”, Sciences Po (Menton campus), 2013.

“Societies of Knowledge, 16th to 20th Centuries”, Universität Basel / Sigriswil, 2012.

“History of Mediality – Medialities of History”, Universität Basel, September 2011.