Current Master Theses



In Accordance with Nunuku’s Injunction: Addressing the
‘Fabrics’ of Genocide through the Interweaving of
Narrative Threads in Accounts of the Demise and Enslavement of Moriori from the 1830s to Today


Henz, Tamara

Circumnavigators and Collectors. Travelled Objects in Museums.  
Kissóczy, Manuel “It was like trying to fight a mist”:
Establishing the connections between settler-colonial structures in British Columbia and encounters with racism in the long 20th century as reflected in oral history testimony of Japanese Canadians



The Basel Mission and "Science" in India (Working Title)  



An Overlooked Stepping Stone on the Sweet Path to ‘Success’:
The Trafficking of Yucatecans to Cuba in the Mid-Nineteenth Century




Attempting to fill the basket: Western and Māori knowledges and writing the history of an encounter



Completed Master Theses

Tuchschmid, Selina Approaching Indigenous History and Perspectives from Missionary Letters: Guugu Yimidhirr People and German Lutheran Missionaries at the Cape Bedford Mission, 1886-1896 HS 2021



Global Swiss Networks: Efforts of a Swiss Global middle class between 1850 and the 1930's HS 2021
Bügler, Fabio “Take my Advice and Don’t Go!” The Rise and Internal Decay of the American Whaling Industry between 1820 - 1860 Examined through Whalemen’s Voyage Accounts FS 2021
Frösch, Lena Miriam

Travellers between Worlds.

The life stories of the Basel missionaries Jiang Yunzhang and Li Cheng’en



Thurman-Wild, Christina

Negotiating Leprosy:
Eduard Arning’s Ethnographic Collecting, the Negotiation of Leprosy and the ‘Native Hawaiian’ at the Turn of the 19th Century



Becker, Lukas Defending Human Rights in Colombia: The Archive as a Space of Resistance HS 2019
Senn, Severin

Tulips in the Zurlauben Garden. Floral Culture, a sought-after commodity and a family's search for power

HS 2019
Tinner, Tamara Ann Clothes-minded: Adressing Modern Femininity through Sartorial Encounters in the Philippine Muslim South at the Turn of the Twentieth Century HS 2019
Eschmann, Natalia

One Robe, Many Selves. Plains Indian Pictographic Robes and the Forging of Egodocuments in Transcultural Encounters

FS 2019

Willi, Dario

Princely Bequest. A Transnational Microhistory of Capital in the Nineteenth Century FS 2019

Arquint, Romeo

Tore zur Welt. Die extraterritorialen Häfen der Schweiz im
II. Weltkrieg
HS 2018

Pfister, Alessandra

How to Write a Global History of a Slave Ship. Reading the Voyage of the Intrépide Against the Grain HS 2016