Lehrstuhl Prof. Dr. Martin Dusinberre

The Chair for Global History brings the contributions of both history and area studies to the still developing field of global history. Its temporal frame is roughly the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. Areas of research include socioeconomic transformations in Japan and Asia from the mid-nineteenth century onwards; Japanese imperialism and imperial rivalries in and across the Asia-Pacific region; the history of Japanese and Chinese overseas diaspora communities; the movement of knowledge and goods across the Asia-Pacific region; the relationship between maritime histories and traditional land-based histories; and the wider challenges of studying connections and entanglements in the modern world.



Programme Research Colloquium FS2018

Programme Geschichtskontor FS2019

​The programme of the Geschichtskontor (JPG, 865 KB) is now available.


15past15 Podcast Series

Martin Dusinberre and Birgit Tremml Werner have launched a new podcast series, 15past15, as part of their ongoing HERA project, East Asian Uses of the European Past.

Link to the episodes


Martin Dusinberre at «Zürich liest'18»

Talk with Martin Dusinberre and David Armitage, Harvard, at the Zurich Book Festival: 24 October, 19:00.

For further information and tickets, please visit the official festival website.


Programme Research Colloquium HS2018

Programme Geschichtskontor HS2018

​The programme of the Geschichtskontor (PDF, 2783 KB) is now available.


Japanese review of exhibition "A Painting for the Emperor"

The Japanese website of swissinfo.ch has published a review of the exhibition "A Painting for the Emperor – Japanese Labourers on Sugar Plantations in Hawai'i" at the Johann Jacobs Museum.


Programme Research Colloquium FS2018

"A Painting for the Emperor"

The new exhibition "A Painting for the Emperor – Japanese Labourers on Sugar Plantations in Hawai'i" at the Johann Jacobs Museum in Zurich will open on 8th February 2018. For further information about the exhibition and special events, please download the flyer (PDF, 269 KB).


"The Pacific and the Modern World" – programme online

The new lecture series of MAS in Applied History is starting on 18th December 2017 and the programme (PDF, 1507 KB) is now online. The series has been coordinated by Martin Dusinberre and it will focus on the historical significance of the Pacific Ocean.