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Department of History

Central Services

Central Services is responsible for various planning and administrative processes at the Department of History. The tasks include:

  • Coordinating the department committees
  • Finance, personnel, and administrative planning
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Planning the teaching assignments and course offerings
  • Student administration (booking, oral testing, evaluations, student progress)
  • Advisory services for all students
  • Allocating teaching services, events, and advising for doctoral candidates
  • Supporting candidates of the Teaching Diploma for high school students receiving a matura
  • Allocating modern IT-infrastructure for teaching and research: workstations, software, rental equipment, email, network, e-learning, and support
  • Internal and external communication
  • Curriculum development
  • Reporting (annual reports)

If you are not sure who is responsible for your request, the Secretary's office will gladly forward your inquiry to the correct address.

Central Services