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Department of History

Head of Department

Fall semester 2021 through Spring semester 2025

Seminarvorstand HS UZH
Prof. Dr. Martin Dusinberre und Prof. Dr. Anne Kolb

The Head of the Department is responsible for the strategic leadership of the department. The professors holding this position represent the department to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the university management, and to the public. They lead the Department Meeting, are responsible for the budget and the distribution of resources, and work together with the professors to manage the degree programs. The Head of the Department also contributes to the arrangement of the endowed chairs as well as the appointment negotiations. This position is appointed by the University Management for a term of four years.

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Prof. Dr. Anne Kolb
Historisches Seminar
Universität Zürich
Karl Schmid-Strasse 4
CH-8006 Zürich
Tel.: +41 44 634 39 92 (direkt)
Tel.: +41 44 634 38 71 (Sekretariat)


Prof. Dr. Martin Dusinberre
Historisches Seminar
Universität Zürich
Karl-Schmid-Strasse 4
CH-8006 Zürich
Tel.: +41 44 634 38 63 (direkt)
Tel.: +41 44 634 38 68 (Sek.)