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Historisches Seminar


Prerequisites for Application

The application is for start of study in the fall semester of each academic year.

The application for the specialized Master’s programme takes place in two stages: First, submit your documents directly to the History Department of the University of Zurich (UZH). Admission to the programme will be administered in the second stage by the University’s Student Services unit.

A provisional acceptance to the Specialized Master’s Programme is possible for those students in the final semester of their BA programme. A definitive acceptance is conditional upon your successfully completing your BA programme of study.

Admission procedures

Admission proceeds in two stages:

1.  Provisional acceptance by the History Department, UZH

  • Your application documents should be received by the end of March of the year you want to begin your MA studies. The departmental Programme Steering Committee will examine your documents and come to a provisional decision about your acceptance onto the programme. You will receive a provisional confirmation of acceptance, or letter of rejection, from the Steering Committee.

  • You will be informed of this provisional acceptance onto the Specialized MA programme by the end of April of the year in question.

2.  Acceptance by the University of Zurich’s Student Services (Abteilung Studierende)

  • Admissions to all Masters’ courses and programmes of study is administered by UZH’s Student Services.

Provisional acceptance by the Department of History

Please submitonline the following documentation by the application deadline (end of March)

  • A Certificate of your Bachelor’s Degree, with at least 60 ECTS points in History or in another discipline in the humanities and social sciences. (Admission by portfolio is possible)
  • A good Degree in the presumed Bachelor programme (a minimum mark of 5.0 in the Swiss grading system or equivalent)
  • Transcript of Records
  • If a Certificate of your Bachelor’s Degree is not yet available, please submit your Transcript of Records in your application
  • A Cover Letter (explaining your specific interest in the specialized MA programme, your studies to date, and where possible also referencing any extracurricular activities and work experience which connect to the thematic orientation of the MA programme)

The application process for fall semester will be open from mid-February until the end of March. For further inquiries, please contact the student counselling.

Admissions process through the University of Zurich’s Student Services

  • Once you have been informed of your provisional acceptance onto the specialized-MA programme by the departmental Programme Steering Committee, then UZH’s Student Services will contact you by e-mail and instruct you on what documents to submit in order for your application to continue.
  • The definitive decision concerning your admission acceptance will be made by the UZH’s Student Services and will be based on the documentation they receive from you.
  • Please be aware that admission to programmes and courses of study at the UZH is dependent on your fulfilling other conditions (e.g. language requirements) which will not have been assessed until this second stage of the application. For this reason, Student Services will either formally confirm or reject the provisional acceptance that you have received in the first stage of the application.

For further questions about the central admissions process at the University of Zurich (Stage 2), please contact the Student services.

Timeline for the entire application process

Direct application through the Department of History’s online application portal Candidate Deadline: end of March
Assessment of applications History Department early April
Provisional notification of acceptance / rejection History Department By mid April
Notification by the University of Zurich’s Student Services Student Services Mid April
Formal notification of admission Admissions Office July / August
Start of studies in the specialized-MA programme Candidate Mid-September

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Prof. Dr. Marietta Meier

Universität Zürich
Historisches Seminar
Karl Schmid-Strasse 4
Büro KO2 G270
8006 Zürich

Tel. +41 (0)44 634 41 63

Studien- und Mobilitätsberatung

Dr. Ruben Hackler
Universität Zürich
Historisches Seminar
Karl Schmid-Strasse 4
Büro KO2 H 358
8006 Zürich

Tel. +41 (0)44 634 39 72

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