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Historisches Seminar

Vassily Klimentov

Vassily Klimentov, Dr.

  • SNSF Postdoctoral Fellow/ Lecturer
044 634 36 47

Vassily Klimentov obtained his PhD in International History, with a minor in Political Science, from the Geneva Graduate Institute in 2020. Thanks to grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation, he has then worked for three years at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute in Florence. He has obtained two more individual grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation to conduct research at the University of Zurich starting in 2024.

Vassily Klimentov graduated with a Bachelor in General History and in Russian Studies from the University of Geneva in 2008, a Master in General History from the University of Geneva in 2011, and an interdisciplinary Master in Asian Studies – a joint program between the University of Geneva and the Geneva Graduate Institute – also in 2011. After his Master studies, he has worked for international humanitarian NGOs for six years, including for two years in the Middle East on the Syrian Crisis.


Vassily Klimentov’s research focuses on Islam and Islamism in the Soviet and post-Soviet space since the 1970s and on Soviet and Russian foreign and domestic policy. He is currently working on two research projects, respectively titled: ‘Islam and the Making of Modern Russia: Moscow and the Muslim World’ and ‘A War Without End? The Legacy of the Cold War in Russia’. He has published articles in Cold War History, the Journal of Cold War Studies, Central Asian Survey, Kritika, Small Wars & Insurgencies, and other peer-reviewed journals. He has also written multiple articles for Swiss media and think tanks. Vassily Klimentov’s book, titled A Slow Reckoning: The USSR, the Afghan Communists, and Islam, has been published by Cornell University Press/ Northern Illinois University Press in 2024.


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