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Historisches Seminar

Yi-Tang Lin

Yi-Tang Lin, Prof. Dr.

  • PRIMA-Professur
+41 (0)44 634 36 45

Curriculum vitae

since 2023

SNSF-PRIMA Professor, University of Zurich, Switzerland


Visiting Professor, International History and Politics Departement, Geneva Graduate Institute, Switzerland


Visiting Scholar, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University, USA


Outstanding Young Scholar Program, Department of History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, Peking University, China


Postdoctural Researcher, Department of History, University of Geneva, Switzerland

SNSF Project: "Rockefeller Fellows as Heralds of Globalization (1917-1970)


Doctorat ès Lettre, University of Lausanne, Switzerland


MA Pratique de l’interdisciplinarité en sciences sociales, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) and École Normale Supérieure (ENS), France


BA Sociology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan



Statistics and the Language of Global Health: Institutions and Experts in China, Taiwan and the World, 1917–1960 (Cambridge University Press, 2022)


Edited Special Issue

Santé globale: des acteurs négligés , edited with Anne-Emanuelle Birn, Monde(s), No. 20 (2021).

(Introduction  “Santé globale : des acteurs négligés, des histoires redécouvertes”, pp. 9–27.)           


Referred articles

(With Thomas David and Pierre Eichenberger)
‘In the Interest of Your Bank and Our Country’: Two encounters between China and the International Chamber of CommerceModern Asian Studies, Vol. 57, No. 4 (2023), pp. 1387-1414.

“Local Actions, National Policies and International Knowledge: Family Planning and Statistical Practices in Taiwan (1949–1980s).” Social History Of Medicine, Vol. 33, No. 3 (August 2020), pp. 819–842.

“D'un village à l'État. La fondation Rockefeller et les politiques de ‘reconstruction rurale’ de James Yen en Chine (1928–1950).” Histoire@Politique, No. 41, May–August 2020 [online:]

“Making Standards to Quantify All Health Matters: The World Health Organization’s Statistical Practices (1946–1960).” Monde(s), No. 11 (May 2017), pp. 247–66. 

“外国卫生组织与民国黄金十年的公共卫生实验: 定县乡村保健系统与中央卫生设施实验处的江宁实验县 (1928–1937)” [Foreign Health Organizations and Public Health Experiments during the Nanjing Decade: Ting Hsien Rural Health Experiment System and the Central Field Health Station’s Jiangning County Experiment (1928–1937)]. 医疗社会史研究 Journal of the Social History of Medicine and Health, No. 3 (2017), pp. 156–75.


Referred book chapters

“Navigating between Political Authorities: Chinese Rockefeller Fellows in Biology and Chemistry and their Career Trajectories, 1949–66”, in Knowledge, Power, and Networks: Elites in Transition in modern China, ed. Cécile Armand, Christian Henriot, and Sun Huei-min, Brill, pp. 289-321, 2022.

(with Thomas David and Davide Rodogno) “Fellowship Programs for Public Health Development: The Rockefeller Foundation, UNRRA and WHO (1920–1970).” In Global Exchanges Scholarships and Transnational Circulations in the Contemporary World, ed. Ludovic Tournès and Giles Scott-Smith, Berghahn Books, pp. 140–55, 2017.


"Data and Databases: Emerging Objects of Research.” East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal, Vol. 15, No. 3 (September 2021), pp. 395-401.

(with Jérôme Baudry) Roundtable discussion with Matheus Alves Duarte da Silva, Lisa Hellman, Kenji Ito, Helen Tilley. “Beyond ‘Plato to NATO’. Navigating the Global Turn in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine.” Monde(s), No. 21(May 2022), pp. 97-116.

Review of China and the Cholera Pandemic: Restructuring Society under Mao by Xiaoping Fang (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2021, 326 pages) Medical History, Vol. 66, No. 1, pp. 90-91.


Historical Database

(with Ludovic Tournès , Pierre-Yves Saunier , Davide Rodogno, Thomas David , Mathilde Sigalas, Hannah Tyler, and Ahmad Fahoum)Rockefeller fellows dataset GDPR compatible; documentation of the database


Outreach activities

8 October 2022 (with Laurent Warlouzet, Dzovinar Kenvonian, Sabine Dullin, Patrick Boucheron): L’histoire globale est-elle globale? Les Rendez-vous de l’histoire, Blois, France.


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