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Department of History

Master’s Degree


Master’s Degree in History -- A deeper look and moving forward

The Department of History provides Master’s students the opportunity to delve deeper into historical research, methods, and theories. The intensive exchange with lecturers and students promotes the development of independent research interests.


Prerequisites for a Master’s degree at the Department of History is a completed Bachelor’s degree with specialist knowledge in history. Equally as important is a pronounced interest in history and the willingness to independently develop and implement a larger research project.


The Master’s program places emphasis on historical research and offers an in-depth examination of methods and theories. It encourages intense study of a topic without restricting broad historical knowledge and professional or academic perspectives.


The Master’s program provides a scientific education at a high level and enables students to describe and analyse with historical depth. The Master’s degree helps students to develop an individual profile and qualifies them for challenging professional tasks. It is also a prerequisite for continuing an academic career at the doctoral level.

Professional Prospects

Graduates of the Master’s program are active in a wide range of professional fields. Historians work in archives, museums and exhibitions, in teaching professions, libraries, documentation centers, and publishing houses. Other fields of activity include journalism, media, and the communications field. Studying history is also a good preparation for the diplomatic service.

Master’s Degree and Teaching Diploma

Students with a Master’s degree have the opportunity to teach at a Gymnasium (high school). To do so, students need a Teaching Diploma for Matura schools in addition to the Master’s Degree in history. The Master’s Degree and the Teaching Diploma for Matura schools can be completed in parallel.

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Prof. Dr. Marietta Meier

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Dr. Ruben Hackler
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