The Environment and Global History. Humans as Biological and Geological Agents

Doctoral workshop on Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 9 am to 6 pm with Dr. Ryan Tucker Jones (Auckland). Room SOE E1, Schönberggasse 11.

When we think of global history, we usually focus on interactions among humans, be it on an empire/nation-state level or in a transnational network. But as is well known at least since the seminal works The Columbian Exchange and Ecological Imperialism by Alfred W. Crosby, Jr., humans have also willingly and more often unwillingly influenced the environment, as much as our societies have been shaped by it.

In this seminar we want to discuss how environmental history and global history can be combined and what new perspectives such a framework could offer for our historical work. For detailed program and registration, please see "Workshops im Herbstsemester".