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Historisches Seminar SNSF Professorship Ekaterina Emeliantseva Koller

Marina Katsnelson

Marina Katsnelson, M.A.

  • PhD Candidate

Marina Katsnelson is a PhD student at the University of Zurich since September 2019. The research project with the current working title “Jewish Lifeworld between Post-Socialism and Democracy. The fourth Wave of Emigration from the Post-Soviet states to Switzerland“ is dedicated to the biographical migration processes and histories as well as the cultural diversity and dynamics of living environments of Jewish people from former Soviet Republics in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Short Curriculum Vitae

born 1987 in Moscow

2011-2015 – Library and Information Science, B.A.

2015-2017 – Cultures of Knowledge, M.A.

2017-2019 – Educational Referent for Anti-Hate Speech and Anti-Discrimination Campaign

Research Interests

Jewish Studies, History and Culture

Transmigration and Migration History

Oral History

Religion & Interreligious Dialogues and Discourses

Anti-Discrimination, Equality and Diversity