Halea Ruffiner

Halea Ruffiner, B.A.

Hilfsassistentin «Atlantic Italies» | Mitarbeiterin «Foodways in West Africa»



Master thesis (2022): «Selecting Crops and Navigating the Peanut Economy. Farmers' Strategies around Food and Agriculture in 19th-Century Senegal» – Universität Zürich.

Bachelor thesis (2020): «Floren der wüsten Orte. Kultur, Natur und gebietsfremde Arten in den Zürcher Floren von 1839 und 1905» [Wasteland Floras. Culture, Nature and Non-Native Species in the 1839 and 1905 Floras of Zürich] – Universität Zürich.


Since 2021



Student assistant in the the SNSF project Atlantic Italies: Economic and Cultural Entanglements (15th-19th C.)

Since 2021



Research fellow in the SNSF project Foodways in West Africa. An Integrated Approach on Pots, Animals and Plants (Sinergia)

Since 2020

M.A. in History and Law, University of Zurich


Teaching assistant, University of Zurich


Exhibition assistant, Museum Burg Zug.


B.A. History and Law, University of Zurich