Gonzalo San Emeterio Cabañes

Gonzalo San Emeterio Cabañes, M.A.

Academic Assistant

Office KO2 F 168

Tel.: +41 44 (0) 634 38 14


Current project

Pacific and Unpacific: Trade, Smuggling and Expeditions across the Japanese, Spanish and U.S. Empires during the late 19th Century (working title)

Teaching and research experience

– Researcher at Osaka University. Ph.D. program in Japanese Culture and Language with an extension of scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT) (September 2010 – September 2013).

– Invited Lecturer for the course History of Japan I and History of Japan II at Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain (November 2013 – July 2014 and April 2015).

– Academic Assistant for the Chair of Global History, University of Zurich, Switzerland (since summer 2015).


– Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies (September 2003 – June 2007).
– Master of Arts in Japanese Studies at Osaka University. (September 2008 – June 2010).

Relevant training

– Participant in the Yale Komonjo Workshop. (August, 2007).
– Participant in the Cluster of Excellence Asia-Europe of Heidelberg University. (September, 2012).


Kōya Mountain’s Hijiri at the end of the Heian Period. Genesis and evolution,(original in Japanese). Magazine for exchange students of the Japanese Language and Culture Course. Osaka University of Foreign Studies, 2006.

Conversion and poetry. The presence and role of a classical primer of poetry, the Wakanroeishū, between the Jesuist missions in the Japan of the Seventeenth Century, (original in Spanish). Revista Iberoamericana de Investigación de Asia Oriental, Ibero-american bulletin of East Asia Research, Atonoma University of Madrid, 2010.

Early Modern picture books and their relationship with kanazōshi (original in Japanese). Submitted, 2015.

– Collaboration with the Spanish-Japanese bulletin “Cipango”, developed in the East Asia Studies Center at Autonoma University of Madrid (written in Spanish), (September 2003 – September 2005).

Conference presentations and posters

Variations in the representations of the empress Jingū and Takeuchi-no-sukune in the children oriented books of the Early Modern Period, conference in Japanese. Fourteenth edition of the Research Conferences in Japanese Culture and Education. Osaka University, (July, 2012).

Representations of the female war-heroines in the e-hon of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century. Relations and variations between the editions, conference in Japanese. Conference of Researches of the Kansai University, (April, 2013).

Representing childhood: the case of 18th and 19th century musha e-hon. Conference in English at the “VIII International Convention of Asia Researchers” (ICAS), Macao, (July, 2013).

Reconsidering femininity: the case of warrior women in Edo period musha e-hon. Conference in English at “Via Japan, Japan-Imprinted Discourses”. Autonomous University of Madrid, (October, 2013).

The use of kanazōshi in works of Hishikawa Moronobu: the case of the picture book Musha-sakura. Twenty-second edition of the Research Conferences in Japanese Culture and Education. Osaka University, (March, 2015).

Awards and funding

– Intern for the Teaching Innovation Project at Autonoma University of Madrid, in the field of Japanese learning through interactive software, (September 2004 – June 2005).

– Scholarship from the MEXT for undergraduate studies in Japan, (October 2005 – September 2006). – Assistant for the East Asia Studies Center of Autonoma University of Madrid, (September 2007 – January 2008).

– Scholarship from the MEXT for post-graduate studies in Japan, (March 2008 – September 2010).

– Extension of the Scholarship from the MEXT for post-graduate studies in Japan, (October 2010 – September 2013).