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Historisches Seminar

Martin Dusinberre

Martin Dusinberre, Prof. Dr.

  • Office KO2 F 167
+41 44 (0) 634 38 63

Curriculum vitae

since 2015   Chair for Global History (18th to 20th centuries, with a focus on Asia), University of Zurich, Switzerland
2012–2014    Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Fellow, Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context", University of Heidelberg, Germany
2008–2014   Lecturer in Modern Japanese History, School of History, Classics and Archaeology, Newcastle University, UK
2008   DPhil History, University of Oxford, UK (St. Antony's College)
2003–2005   MEXT-funded research student, Kyushu University, Japan
2002   MA Japanese Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK
1998   MA and BA Modern History, University of Oxford, UK (Trinity College)



Dusinberre, M. Mooring the Global Archive: A Japanese Ship and its Migrant Histories (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2023).

Dusinberre, M. (2012). Hard Times in the Hometown: A History of Community Survival in Modern Japan (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press)

Reviewed in: History Workshop Journal 79, 2 (2015), The Journal of Asian Studies 73, 2 (2014), The American Historical Review 119, 2 (2014), The Journal of Japanese Studies 40, 1 (2014), Japanese Studies 33, 3 (2013), Pacific Affairs 86, 3 (2013), The Journal of Economic History 73, 2 (2013), The Journal of Social History 46, 4 (2013), The Journal of Interdisciplinary History 43, 4 (2013), The Japan Times (February 17, 2013), Monumenta Nipponica 67, 2 (2012), Japan Forum 24, 3 (2012), The Japan Society Review 38, 7, 2 (April 2012).

Edited Special Issues

Dusinberre, M. and J. Kurtz (2021). "Uses of the Past between Europe and East Asia", Special Issue of Historical Journal 64, 1 (Cambridge University Press).

Dusinberre, M., and M. Iijima (2019). "Transplantation: Sugar and Imperial Practice in Japan's Pacific" Special Issue of Historische Anthropologie (Böhlau Verlag).

Dusinberre, M., and R. Wenzlhuemer (2016). "Being in Transit" Special Issue of Journal of Global History (Cambridge University Press).

Refereed articles

Dusinberre, M. (2021). "J.R. Seeley and Japan's Pacific Expansion", Historical Journal 64, 1: 70–97.

Dusinberre, M., and M. Iijima (2019). "Transplantation: Sugar and Imperial Practice in Japan's Pacific"Historische Anthropologie 27, 3: 325–335.

Dusinberre, M. (2019). "The Changing Face of Labour between Hawai‘i, Japan, and Colonial Taiwan"Historische Anthropologie 27, 3: 336–360.

Dusinberre, M. (2017). "Japan, Global History and the Great Silence", History Workshop Journal 83, 1: 130–150. (This is a revised version of the inaugural lecture held at UZH on 2 May 2016)

Dusinberre, M. (2016). "Circulations of labor, bodies of work: a Japanese migrant in Meiji Hawai‘i", Historische Anthropologie 24, 2: 194–217.

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Dusinberre, M. (2013). "Janus and the Japanese Empire"Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 14, 1.

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Dusinberre, M., and D. P. Aldrich (2011). "Hatoko Comes Home: Civil Society and Nuclear Power in Japan"The Journal of Asian Studies 70, 3: 683–705.

Dusinberre, M. (2008). "Unread relics of a transnational “hometown” in rural western Japan"Japan Forum 20, 3: 305–335.

Refereed book chapters

Dusinberre, M. "Overseas Migration, 1868–1945", in: Sven Saaler and Christopher W. A. Szpilman, Routledge Handbook of Modern Japanese History (London and New York: Routledge, 2018), pp. 103–117.

Dusinberre, M. "Of World History and Great Men: A Japanese Village and its Worlds", in: Tosh Minohara, Tze-ki Hon and Evan Dawley (eds.), The Decade of the Great War: Japan and the Wider World in the 1910s (Leiden: Brill, 2014), pp. 372–393.

Dusinberre, M. (2013). "Searching for furusato in Kaminoseki", in: Christopher Gerteis and Timothy S. George (eds.), Japan since 1945: from Postwar to Post-Bubble (London, New York: Bloomsbury), pp. 47–65.

Dusinberre, M., A. David, N. Evans, P. Matanle and S. Mizohata (2011). "Introducing Japan’s Shrinking Regions", in: Peter Matanle, Anthony S. Rausch and the Shrinking Regions Research Group, Community Decline and Revitalization in Japan’s Shrinking Regions: Impacts, Implications and Responses (Amherst, NY: Cambria Press), pp. 17–38.


Dusinberre, M. (2023). “Casting Off History?”, Special Forum on “Global Dis:connections” in The Journal of Modern European History 21 (1): 30-33.

Dusinberre, M. デューゼンベリ・マーティン (2021). “「Industrious」な労働者たち - グローバル・ヒストリーからみた初期ハワイ日本人移民 -”(“‘Industrious’laborers: the first Japanese migrants to Hawai‘i from a Global History Perspective”), 『農業史研究 第55号』The Journal of Agricultural History 55: 5-14.

Media Articles and Podcasts

Dusinberre, M., and B. Tremml-Werner. 15past15 Podcast, Season 1 (History-writing in East Asia, 2019), Season 2 (Wealth and the Writing of History, 2020).

Dusinberre, M. "Greeting the new Era in Japan"Geschichte der Gegenwart, June 19, 2019.

Dusinberre, M. (translation by David Hänggi-Aragai). "In Japan wird ein neues Zeitalter begrüsst"Geschichte der Gegenwart, June 19, 2019.

Dusinberre, M., and H.B. Thomsen. "Ein Bild für den Kaiser", NZZ Geschichte, 14  (2018), pp. 12–14.

Dusinberre, M. "Flyover History: Trumpism and the Challenge for Historians",Geschichte der Gegenwart, November 29, 2016.

Dusinberre, M. "Mr. Abe’s Local Legacy and the Future of Nuclear Power in Japan"The Asia-Pacific Journal, December 23, 2012.

Dusinberre, M. "After Fukushima, Japan’s authority myth is crumbling",
The Guardian, August 8, 2011.

Dusinberre, M. "Is Japan Really Winding Back on Nuclear Power"The Guardian, May 12, 2011.

Dusinberre, M. "Nuclear power in Japan: the longer view"History Workshop Online, March 22, 2011.

Dusinberre, M. "How Japan's nuclear industry got here", March 18, 2011, syndicated to Reuters.

E-Learning Modules

Dusinberre, M., H. Jaskov, P. Witlox, D. McDonald, L. Feiner and H. Jochum (2020). "Lives in Transit" E-Learning Game.

Hänggi-Aragai, D., and M. Dusinberre (2017). "Isaak Iselin in Hawaiʻi, 1807", Ad fontes.

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