Litlink is a highly efficient knowledge management system for scholars of history, of cultural studies, and the social sciences.  Litlink enables the sophisticated and detailed management and linking of data in the following areas:

  • Literature (monographs, anthologies, journal articles, complete works, ancient prints, etc);
  • Archives (files, letters and other forms of correspondence, journals, legal sources, etc);
  • Pictures (in all shapes and forms);
  • People (authors, historical figures, corporations, individual networks);
  • Periodicals (newspapers, journals, magazines, series…);
  • Audiovisual media (audio recordings, videos, films, etc.);
  • Websites (with source codes);
  • Events (anything from birthdays to the French Revolution…);
  • Places (first identified and then visualised using Geographic Information System [GIS] Data); and
  • Physical objects (artefacts in every form)

Litlink is free of charge and can be run on both Windows and Mac-OS computers.  It is available in German, English and French.

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