Lives in Transit

‘Lives in Transit’ is a tool both to narrate and to teach global history in a digitized age. It will offer historians a model for presenting their research in the form of serious gaming; and the game itself will simulate the real-life experience of research for global history students. The game storylines, which all grow out of scholarly work (both published and unpublished), present users with numerous tasks that recreate authentic academic situations, including the gathering and analysis of sources, practical problem-solving during fieldwork, and negotiations with colleagues under the pressure of deadlines. Once they have reached the end of a storyline, users will be ready to draft a research output—an essay, a conference paper, a website or a podcast. ‘Lives in Transit’ has completed its Proof of Concept phase and will enter development in 2018 before going live in spring 2020. The project is generously supported by an SNF-DFG grant led by Prof. Dr. Martin Dusinberre (Zurich) and Prof. Dr. Roland Wenzlhuemer (Munich).