DHL Showcase

The DHL Showcase is the place, where we present upcoming projects, events and activities of the DHL and its members for a certain period of time.


Baugeschichtliches Archiv der Stadt Zürich / Fotograf: Maurer, Fritz / MAU_0072 / CC BY-SA 4.0 / bearbeitet durch DHL

New teaching projects on digital skills

We are happy to present two new teaching projects as part of swissuniversities P-8 Digital Skills for You (2021-2024) with the participation of our HS members:

A self-study course on BA level for basics of spatial analysis, geographic data visualization and cartography by Daniel Ursprung. For more information see here.

Teaching project Digital Humantities: Systematic teaching of digital core competencies in the Humanities by Christine Grundig. For more information see here.