Invited Talks & Conference Papers (Selection from 2008 onwards)


11.10.2016, University of Zurich
Geschichtskontor (Monika Dommann, Martin Dusinberre, Gesine Krüger, Simon
Teuscher), Paper title: Cold climate, natural environment, and community cohesion in the closed city of Severodvinsk

12.10.2015, German Historical Institute, Moscow

Research seminar on Soviet History, Paper title: Flexible Socialism of the Brezhnev era: Institutions, People, and Emotions a the closed city of Severodvinsk (in Russian)

2.6. 2015, European University of St Petersbury

History Department, Research Seminar, Paper title: Leisure practices and holidays in late Socialism: State rituals, emotions, and agency

23.11.2013, ASEEES (Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies) 45th Annual Convention, Boston

Paper title: Between boredom and joy: Emotional experience(s) of late Socialism(s)

24.5.2013, European University of St. Petersburg

History Department, Research Seminar, Paper title: Severodvinsk during the Brezhnev era

3. 7.2012, University of Bielefeld

Division for East European History, Research Seminar, Paper title: Flexibler Sozialismus der Brežnev-Ära in der geschlossenen Stadt Severodvinsk

23. April 2012, Oriel College, Oxford

The Long 19th Century Seminar, Paper title: Modes of self-description between Western mysticism, the Christ-Faith tradition, and the Russian Orthodoxy: The St. Petersburg “Spiritual brotherhood” of Ekaterina Tatarinova (1817–1837)

25.11.2011, University of Zurich

Division for East European History, Conference: Zwischen öffentlich und privat: Arbeit, Konsum und Freizeit im Sozialismus der 1960er- bis Mitte der 1980er-Jahre, Paper title: Flexibler Sozialismus der späten Brežnev-Zeit: Freizeit und Konsum in der geschlossenen Stadt Severodvinsk

18. 11.2011, ASEEES 43th Annual Convention, Washington

Paper title: The cult of secrecy as an element of community cohesion and commodity in negotiations: The case of the closed city of Severodvinsk during the Cold War

9. 9.2010, University of Bern

AKM (Military History Study Group) Annual Conference: Ehre und Pflichterfüllung als Codes militärischer Tugenden, Paper title: Ehrenmänner – Männer ohne Emotionen: Ehrkodex und Emotionen auf den sowjetischen Atom-U-Booten in den 1960er bis 1980er Jahren 

28.3.2010 BASEES (British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies) Annual Conference, Cambridge

Paper title: Human heroes or bio-robots? The Soviet cult of technology, masculinity, and emotions on the Soviet nuclear submarines in the 1960–90s

4. 4.2008, German Historical Institute, Moscow/Centre franco-russe en sciences humaines et sociales de Moscou Conference: Emotions in Russian History and Culture, Paper title: Laboratories of “Biorobots”: Technology and Emotions on the Soviet Nuclear Submarines in the 1960–90s (in Russian)